World Leadership Today

Who leads the nations of the world today? There are Kings and Queens, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Chancellors, Sultans, and many other titles for earthly leadership. Leaders come and go. Some lead well, others do not.

As we begin a new section of our study on Revelation we will consider together the one true leader of not just the world but the whole universe. May we truly keep in clear perspective who is our real leader

Series Dates / Sermons

  • August 13th "Compromise: Virtue or Vice!" Revelation 13:11-18
  • August 20th "It’s Time To Sing a New Song" Revelation 14:1-5
  • September 3rd "What Is True Worship?" Revelation 14:6-13
  • September 10th "Are You Ready For the Rapture?" Revelation 14:14-20
  • September 17th "Are you Ready To Join the Choir?" Revelation 15:1-8